Zhai Wanming elected international member of National Academy of Engineering
Zhai Wanming, Chair Professor, Dean of Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Chairman of Academic Committee of Southwest Jiaotong University, was elected as an international member of National Academy of Engineering 2021 for his contributions to the design and operation of high-speed rail transportation networks on February 9, 2021, EST of United States of America. A total of 129 engineerin...
“XPLORER PRIZE” goes to Wang Kaiyun
Wang Kaiyun, a fellow researcher at Southwest Jiaotong University, won the 2020 XPLORER PRIZE conferred by Tencent Foundation and Executive Committee of the XPLORER PRIZE on September 25, 2020. Each of the 50 winners will receive a total of 3 million yuan from Tencent Foundation in the next five years, and Wang is the second one of the University after Deng Zigang, who won last year’s prize.Th...
Vice Minister of Education visits the University
On the morning of August 18, Zhong Denghua, Vice Minister of education, visited the University for a site-investigation of scientific and technological innovation and epidemic prevention and control. His visit was joined by Lei Chaozi, Director of the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education (MOE), Hao Fenglin, First Level Inspector of the Department of Physical, Health...
Ph.D. Dissertation Defense

Date:January 14, 2021


Venue:Room 314, Red House

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense

Date:January 11, 2021


Venue:Room 406, Red House

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense

Date:November 21, 2020


Venue: Room 202, Red House



Friction and Wear Testing Rig for Power Transmission in Pantograph-Catenary Systems

The Friction and Wear Testing Rig can be used to study friction and wear behavior of pantograph-catenary systems. In addition, it can also be used to study arc generation mechanisms.

Hybrid simulation test rig of pantograph/catenary dynamic behavior

The hybrid simulation testing rig is composed of virtual and actual components to study the static and dynamic characteristics of pantograph/catenary systems and their parametric marching.

Bogie frame fatigue test rig

Static and dynamic loads are applied onto the bogie frame by the rig to verify the strength under normal and extreme operating condition cases. Random loads can be generated by the iteration method embedded in the servo control system to verify the reliability of the bogie frame under real operating conditions. Other components such as bolsters, axle boxes can also be tested by this rig.

Vibrating Roller Rigs for Rolling Stock

Vibrating Roller Rigs is capable of carrying out the Dynamic testing, Traction and electric braking performance testing of full size vehicles, Hunting stability testing of vehicles, and Evaluation of operation stability and passenger comfort.

Carbody fatigue test bench

Three   dimensional (vertical, transverse, and longitudinal) loads and multichannel   loads are applied onto high speed train car bodies constructed by steel,   aluminum, or stainless steel material. Cabin pressure pulsations which are   significant fatigue loads are also applied simultaneously.