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A delegation from Russian Railway Coperation visited TPL

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On  Sep.25th  morning, The Russian railway Corporation First Vice President Mr.Misharin Alexander Sergeevich led a delegation including  Mr. Sharapov, the chief  representative of  The Russian Railway Corporation  in China and Ms. Daja Ieva ,the expert in total of The Russian Railway Coporation visited TPL. Professor Wang Shunhong, Secretary of the CPC Committee of SWJTU and  Professor Zhang Wengui, Vice President of SWJTU met the visiting of the delegation and extended a warm welcome.




Accompanied by Vice president Zhang Wengui , Academician Shen Zhiyun , Director of TPL Kang Guozheng, Mr.Misharin and his group visited the State Key Laboratory of Traction Power , and National Laboratory for Rail Transit. Mr. Misharin listened to the guidance and read all the introduction very carefully and asked about related problems. Academician Shen Zhiyun introduce the relevant information and communicated with the guests in Russian. Mr.Misharin indicated that there would  be broad prospects in bilateral cooperation in the future, and they would consider to adopt the test rigs in TPL.